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About UTM Measure - GPS Field & Area Measurements

Measure area and distance, register points, lines and polygons from Satellite Imagery map data or GPS data, perform simple spatial analyzes such as overlays, buffering etc.

Equipped with sophisticated spatial drawing & editing tools such as snap nearest, cutting / dividing polygons with lines, smoothing, reducing vertices using Douglas Peucker's algorithm, editing vertices of lines / polygons, combining 2 lines / joints, turning lines into polygons, polygons into lines etc. .

Make a contour line (premium).

Store unlimited amount of data in your local database including feature name information, photos, labels / notes, etc.

Export your data to KML, DXF or CSV files.

Working with Coordinate Reference Systems around the world from Minna Datum (Nigeria) to TM-3 (Indonesia), plot your polygons on a map based on coordinate data from various local CRS using EPSG Code.

Supports WMS (Map Server).

Any suggestions are welcome, please send via email to [email protected] or write a review. thanks.

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Yaqiina Muraad
Great app!! Good luck!
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