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About FigJam

FigJam is a business app specific to the African market-place. It’s an all-in-one solution for field teams and their managers which includes:
Paperless forms
Orders and inventory management
Job tracking
Survey evaluation
Automatic email updates
Offline mode

FigJam is remarkably easy to use and is an extremely powerful management tool for businesses with remote teams.

Oversee your field business activities in real time from your office. Establish consumer patterns for future business decisions. Take your business paperless with Custom Forms. Field reps get access to real time information such as prices & promotions, products, photographs, instant surveys and more.

Field Rep Tracking:
- Our business app improves how field personnel, surveyors and project supervisors create detailed inspections and work reports on their mobile devices while on the job.
- Reports can be saved and conducted offline and updated upon sync in an instant providing the management the most current events complete with images, pricing and location details (GPS).
- The app also saves travel and report creation time

Replicate Paper Forms:
- Our newest and most diverse feature which now incorporates photos.
- The best and fastest way to use and submit virtual forms.
- Easily create a custom form through the web portal.
- Receive direct email as soon as a form is submitted
- Include work order forms, inspection forms, maintenance requests, customer feedback forms, membership forms, human resource forms, construction forms, event registration, party invitation forms & much more.

Control and Categorise Your Inventory:
- List your stock items, sort them into categories and associate them with stores, locations and people. Easily manage your inventory level and value.
- In-built search and favourites tools enable quick and easy access to items.

Conduct Analytical Surveys:
-Send surveys and monitor your results in real time.
-Bring your business to the front line by taking surveys to compare competitor products and pricing

Capture Visual Records:
- Send professional photo reports with categorised and graphical annotations from the field.
- This reporting tool is perfect for real estate, construction, insurance, inspections and education to name a few.

Streamline with Dynamic Integration:
- Our system can plugin to most accounting systems/ ERP (e.g. Sage, Quickbooks, SAP) and automatically update categories on your app such as products & clients.
- Cut out paper processing as invoicing is also automatically updated to ERP.
- Ultimately process more orders, cut lead time in half, increase sales, become more efficient and streamlined.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of FigJam and receive 24hr support.
For more info contact us on [email protected]

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