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About Our Place in Space

Our Place in Space augmented reality app brings our solar system down to earth- and sends us soaring into the stars to find new perspectives on our planets, allowing you to explore the solar system from anywhere.

You will be able to track your journey from earth out into orbit and across the universe. As you progress on an expedition along one of the walking trails (located in Northern Ireland & Cambridge) or use to make your own walk where you are based an out of this world experience as the app tracks your relative distance across the universe.

Use the Our Place in Space app to interact with the regional walking trail planetary sculptures, enhanced by an augmented reality seen through the app, as well as discover amazing facts about the wider solar system. Finally, you can engage in a conversation, adding your own star to mark your experience and a reflection to the interactive ‘universe of us’.

This app was designed to enhance visitors’ experience of the three-dimensional exhibit in Northern Ireland, while, at the same time, making Oliver Jeffers’ artistic interpretation accessible to a global community.

- This app uses augmented reality
- No personal data store is stored or transmitted during this process.
- Users are asked to consent that "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions".
- When prompted, users must click "OK" to allow the app to have permission to use the camera and locations services

Our Place in Space – Commissioned by Belfast City Council as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK

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