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About BAANOOL Online

Bano car network, real-time positioning of movable objects, regional location management, timely detection of abnormal vehicle conditions, and report alarm information. This app is used in conjunction with the Bano GPS tracker series products, and has the following major functions:
1. Authorized phone: After the product is bound, the authorized number added in "Control" can communicate with the device, and a stranger with an unauthorized number will hang up directly.
2. Positioning: Real-time view of the device's position, movement information, and abnormal status, so as to give users more peace of mind;
3. Equipment tracking: Track equipment, draw motion curves, and load motion status information for each position;
4. Track playback: Retrieve the date and time, play back the routes that have been traveled, and dynamically play each piece of motion track of the device
5. Device control: This application can directly send control instructions to vehicles, breaking the tedious rules of controlling by SMS.
6. Report management: visually display the data in the form of charts, and visually display the changes of product data information;
7. Electronic fence: Multi-style area range setting for the device, and the exit / entry area will generate a response alarm to the platform display.