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About 3D Scanner Pro


Creating 3D model of real-world objects has always been tough but now using the 3D Scanner app you can scan any object and convert it into 3D model easily. 3D Scanner app converts your smartphone into 3D scanning device to make 3D models using Photogrammetry. Place your object in centre and start capturing images or recording video by orbiting around the object. Scan the object from two different angles and it will be automatically converted into photo-realistic 3D model

3D Scanner app uses Photogrammetry technology to create true 3D mesh from photos and video using smartphones camera. The app provide easiest solution to convert photos into 3d model. Using the app, smartphone becomes a standalone tool to turn photos into 3D model. The resulting 3D models are stored locally and can be shared with others.


• Captures Photos and Video from your smartphone camera and the data will be uploaded to server and processed to get high quality 3d model.

• User can process multiple models using provided credits and can download processed 3D models. To increase model download limit, user can purchase credits within the app using in app purchase option.

• Claim your credits back - If models do not come satisfactory to users, they can claim the credits back unlimited times, and keep on trying

• Built-in model viewer provides high quality model preview within your phone

• Publish the best model on the community timeline. The shared post can be viewed by other users. Other users can like and comment on the shared model

• By default all the models are private. User can anytime Publish and un-publish the model from community timeline

• Upload the downloaded model to online 3d Model hosting sites and share on fb or any other social media site

• The ability to export models in multiple formats, such as OBJ, FBX

• This is one of the most user-friendly and accurate among all the 3d Scanner apps.

• Export your 3D model for 3D printing, Convert downloaded OBJ to STL and send it to 3d printer

Key points:
• Keep the subject in the centre of the frame and move around the object/scene to capture images/video

• Avoid blurry photos and have good lighting in the scene. Good quality camera is recommended

• 3D scanning of any moving target is not possible. The target needs to remain still while scanning

• Make sure each segment of the object is present on at least three pictures

• Aim for a distance where you need 15-20 images to cover the object with overlap

• Reflective, transparent and uniform textured targets cannot be converted into 3d model

• Try to use objects with colours markedly distinct from the background - textured objects are best

• Ultimately the model quality depends on the input data, please follow all the instructions to get the best 3d model


The output of the 3D model will be photo-realistic FBX and OBJ files. Exported model can be used in other 3d modelling tools. Share your models with friends and family. To 3D-Print the processed model convert downloaded file to STL and send to 3d Printer


Processing credits: 160
Download Credits: 48


3D Scanner can quickly give processed model in .OBJ and .FBX format. If user would like to edit the processed 3d model such as transforming, cutting some portion of model and changing rotation/scale of it, a request can be made to Edit the Model

Our team is continuously working on improving the speed and other features in the app. Please, do not hesitate to send feedback and bug reports so that we can improve the app.

If you have an issue, please email us at [email protected] before leaving a review.
Learn more about 3D Scanning and capturing at

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Easy to use and follow but i wish there was an easier way to get full body scans without the help of another person. Other than that its great!
Boo Yeah!
It wasn't thw best after a few trys than when my phone was charged it worked fast and perfect so have your device charged and it works awesome!
Pretty cool app
Cecil Lynch