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About Rabbitdom

Fire the balls, destroy the evil bricks!

Work and study is so boring? Just play Rabbitdom, it's so much fun!

The most addictive casual game! You can save game at any time, and continue at any time.

Play on the road, play in the car, play while eating!

Challenge friends, challenge the world's players, compare who scored higher!

You will control different bunnies in the game, aim at the evils bricks, using ejection skills, fire the strange balls, destroy the evil bricks that invaded the Rabbit Kingdom!

Rabbits may encounter the blessing of angels or the curse of the devil. But do not be afraid, your strategy and your luck can get you out of trouble.

Come to join the Rabbit Kingdom, meet the dawn of victory with the little bunnies!

If you would like to interact with friends, or if you have any suggestions or questions, please go to our fan page↓

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So addicting. No money needed
Rebecca Smith
Nice games
Rafeek Mothobi
Ok very timepass game
Jigneshkumar Bhatt
Ghulam Jillani
Very nice
Shobha Shingade
Very Nice 👍
Muqeem Abbasi