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About Xayn

Xayn is the search alternative that ends the trade-off between privacy protection and the convenience you love.

_____________Feature Highlights_____________

Love your privacy. We fight for it.

Privacy is a fundamental human right, especially online. That’s why Xayn’s search algorithms run directly on your phone. We don’t store personal data on central servers. All of your data stays on your device at all times - where it should be!

Swipe to control your search results.

Search algorithms are usually total mysteries – ours aren’t. Xayn personalises based on your swipes, so you decide what’s relevant to you and what isn’t. For more controllable & transparent search results!

Cut through the web noise.

Your Home Screen is your personal web content curator, giving you the latest news that’s most relevant to you. Combining search and news curation, Xayn is your private gateway to the internet.

Collect the web in your pocket.

Bookmarking content you found online was never easier. Gather all your search results into folders and have it ready whenever you need it - with a visual preview.

Privacy by design. Beautifully designed.

Searching online is so vital to our everyday lives, it should always feel intuitive. That’s why every feature was designed to create a clean and smooth search experience for you.

You don’t have to chose between privacy and convenience,

Go for both. Go Xayn.


We don't really believe in pledges. But we believe in judging firms based on their privacy policies! Here's ours!

For more tips on online privacy, AI and general web politics, check out our blog

And if you want to gain deeper insights into our backend technology XayNet, you can find the documentation here:

For all the latest news and instant updates on Xayn, we invite you to follow us on Social Media:

Twitter: @XAIN_AG

LinkedIn: @XAIN

You can find our terms & conditions here:

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Perfekt 👌
Armend Musliu
Love it! No payed for search results clogging my searches!
Daniel Herkert
I have to say i give 5 only for the reason that finally something i can use on place of google search, yet in reality its 4 because needs browser version and some little tweaking like, global mode and widget...
Tomi Vähä-Aho