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About Wowfie - Selfie Photo Editor

Turn your Selfie into Wowfie!

Wowfie is the world's first "Photo Creations" app powered by AI & Machine Learning!

We auto-magically create multiple readymade designs with your photo! Download or share instantly to your social media. :) Just Keep Scrolling!

Lots of hi-tech wizardry happening behind-the-scenes, but oh so easy for the end-user :)

We are like a free "virtual try-on mall" or a free "all-you-can-eat" buffet of the photo editing world - millions of options ready for you, pick whatever you like.

1) No extra effort of clicking hundreds of icons!
2) Not just samples, but actual design try-ons!
3) Not just one output, but unlimited outputs!
4) Easier to choose as creations are readymade!
5) One-click download of 3 social media sizes!
6) Easy to use!


Social Fun (Crowdsourced Editing)

Get entertained or inspired by creations made by our community! Users can make amazing creations for one another. Not just DIY!

How does it work?

- Add your request
- Community will be notified
- Users will make amazing creations for you
- You will be notified for Wowfie made for you by the community

Social Media Friendly!

Share the Right Size!

1) Square size
Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Profile Picture, WhatsApp Chat...

2) Portrait size
Whatsapp Status, Instagram Story, Facebook Story...

3) Landscape size
Twitter Post, Facebook Cover Photo…

Change Background

It's Auto’magic’!

Removing background from photos is a fiddly task.
Guess what? Not anymore!

We erase the background of your photos automatically using AI & show your cutout in 100,000+ backgrounds. See yourself amidst clouds, or sitting on a beach or at the feet of a God statue!

No need to visit a photo studio, we have you covered!


Get Mesmerised!

Float in the Goodness of Beautiful Artwork!

Blend your Photo with beautiful patterns, textures, overlays & design elements!

Scroll to see thousands of beautiful designs applied to your selfies in our blend collection.


Wish your Loved Ones with Photo Greetings!

Your friend's birthday? An anniversary? Is it Valentine’s day? Missing loved ones? Is it a festival?

Select a photo & we show you thousands of readymade photo greetings customised for you!

Send to your loved ones & see them smile!


Oh So Cool!

Add amazing photo frames to your pictures and make them stand out!

Get unlimited and fabulous designs frames for your photos and make your pictures look amazing.

Frames for every mood, occasion or style -
Be it Trendy, or Minimalistic, or Blur, or Traditional, or Border Frames.

Photo Quotes

Express Yourself!

Just the thing you needed for a rainy day! :)

Always wanted to express yourself but didn't have the right words? We show your photo with thousands of meaningful quotes added in different fonts & designs.

30,000+ Quotes from 100+ Categories. Be it Inspirational, or Life, or Love, or Friendship or Devotional.


Inspiring Daily Quotes!

Brighten up your day and get ready to take on anything with a daily dose of inspirational and motivational quotes!

Share daily words of wisdom on social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. 30,000+ quotes from 1000+ famous authors!

Paintings (Coming Soon)

Be a Work of Art!

How about we take your photo & turn it into a painting. Amazed?

Wowfie uses Art Transfer technology to convert your photo into paintings by applying famous artists’ styles to your photos!

Turn your selfies into professional hand drawn paintings!

Effects (Coming Soon)

Shine like a Star!

Apply Stunning Effects to your Photos! Add cool overlays to your photo and get a dynamic new look.

No Limitations! Let your Imagination Flow!
From Bokeh, Light, Dust, Bubbles, Snow, Vintage, Sparkler, Flower, Rain & more…

Terms and Conditions:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wowfie?

Wowfie is a photo creation app powered by AI and machine learning that can turn your selfies into ready-made designs. It is easy to use and offers millions of options to choose from.

What are the features of Wowfie?

Wowfie offers various features, including social fun, social media-friendly sizes, automatic background removal, blending, photo greetings, frames, photo quotes, and daily inspirational quotes.

How does the social fun feature of Wowfie work?

With the social fun feature of Wowfie, users can add their requests, and the community will be notified. Users will then make amazing creations for each other, and the app will notify you when your Wowfie is ready.

What social media-friendly sizes are available in Wowfie?

Wowfie offers three social media-friendly sizes, including square size for Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Profile Picture, and WhatsApp Chat, portrait size for Whatsapp Status, Instagram Story, and Facebook Story, and landscape size for Twitter Post and Facebook Cover Photo.

Can Wowfie remove the background from photos?

Yes, Wowfie can automatically erase the background of your photos using AI and show your cutout in over 100,000 backgrounds.

What is the blend feature in Wowfie?

The blend feature in Wowfie allows users to blend their photo with beautiful patterns, textures, overlays, and design elements. The app offers thousands of designs to choose from.

Can Wowfie create photo greetings?

Yes, Wowfie can show thousands of readymade photo greetings customized for different occasions and festivals.

Does Wowfie offer photo frames?

Yes, Wowfie offers unlimited and fabulous design frames for photos. Users can choose from trendy, traditional, minimalistic, border frames, and more.

Can Wowfie add quotes to photos?

Yes, Wowfie offers photo quotes that allow users to express themselves by showing their photo with thousands of meaningful quotes added in different fonts and designs.

Does Wowfie offer daily inspirational quotes?

Yes, Wowfie offers daily inspirational quotes from famous authors that users can share on their social media apps.

What is the Paintings feature in Wowfie?

The Paintings feature in Wowfie allows users to turn their photos into professional hand-drawn paintings using Art Transfer technology that applies famous artists’ styles to their photos.

What is the Effects feature in Wowfie?

The Effects feature in Wowfie allows users to apply stunning effects to their photos, such as Bokeh, Light, Dust, Bubbles, Snow, Vintage, Sparkler, Flower, and Rain, among others.
amazing app, no word to describe, best of luck👍👌
Dinesh Parmar