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About ScreenLight Flashlight/Strobe

Use your screen as a flashlight, night light or strobe light.

ScreenLight Flashlight & Nightlite/Strobe Lite controls the brightness of your screen, keeps it turned on. Perfect as a night light.

+ makes flashlight/strobe light brighter
- makes flashlight/strobe light dimmer
Use as flashlight or night light
Color flashlight chooser.

You can use ScreenLight Flashlight as a night light, a reading light, or a strobe light. Change the flashlight to fun colors.

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Flashlight App for Android enables your device led flash to get your work done instantly which is required in bright light.

Thank you.very useful
ray kwoon
This us a nice App different options for the type of flash on screen to different color choice. Easy permissions & doesn't crowd ur space
Worloop School
Multi color moonlight @ your finger tips a great way to light up ur path through out ur home w/o disturbing anyone.
Leonardo Lugtu