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ቃላት ጨዋታ - Word Crash Screenshot 0
ቃላት ጨዋታ - Word Crash Screenshot 1
ቃላት ጨዋታ - Word Crash Screenshot 2
ቃላት ጨዋታ - Word Crash Screenshot 3

About ቃላት ጨዋታ - Word Crash

Beteseb Technologies developed the first Amharic/geez words cross
game. The most fun Amharic word game is now in your mobile device.
Using the available letters making a reasonable word of the category is a
good mental exercise for kids to elders.
On this App you can learn:-
- History
- Places
- New words
- Culture
- And many more
Enjoy your spare time with this game. Play with friends and families to
find the word.
This version has 200 levels. You can change the background image after
earning the coins.

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በጣም ወድጄዋለሁ…
Netsanet Assres
በጣም እናመሰግናለን!
Haymanot Minalu
ልጆቼ በጣም ወደውታል የአማርኛ ቋንቋ ችሎታቸውም እየተሻሻለ ነው ምስጋና ይገባቸዋል።
Ethiopiankids tube
Wonderful app for learning and improving Amharigna. Very educational and entertaining.
selamawit gatachew