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About Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm

Welcome to the best rabbit games, have fun with this underground adventure helping dadish to take care of these little bunnies from the zombies.

Our runner bunny, he has to travel through the tunnels to save his kids, dadish will have to go fast before the zombies arrive.

Dadish will have to collect the carrots he finds along the way to complete the puzzle to save his little rabbits in this great bunny adventure.

Complete all the levels to help dadish accomplish his goal. Unlock all the burrows where dadish will have to save all the bunnies in this bunny adventure.

If you like rabbit games this is definitely the best and most fun game in the shop with daddy rabbit as the main character.

Enjoy this bunny adventure !

🥕 Full, Free, and rabbit games offline - Enjoy this free and complete this rabbit games, without needing an internet.

🥕 Simple and easy to play: You can choose the gameplay mode to go through with daddy all the tunnels of the burrows easily and comfortably.

🥕 Lots of Cool Levels: Advance through the den on new levels until you reach an epic final challenge in this rabbit games offline.

🥕 Amazing graphics: This farm game will make you live a unique experience with great characters, amazing scenarios and many many funny rabbit and daddy.

🥕 Challenge: Create a strategy to save the greatest number of little rabbits by optimizing the use of carrots and thus advance a level with three stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Enjoy non-stop bunny adventure and help daddy rabbit to save his little bunnies from zombie's claws in the best all rabbit games.

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That's pretty cool 😎
Myo Myo
I'm in love with the visuals of this game, amazing experience.
Gonzalo Martínez Ribot
First saw in a Insta ad.surprised by the graphics style. Intsalled. Played after 2 days.Got another surprise by playing the game. It's just fabulous, unique and most probably best animated smooth video game....
Soumyadeep Ghosh