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About Wodify Client

Addressing all the issues with the previous Wodify apps, Wodify Client is here to provide you with a seamless gym experience.

This app is currently available to Wodify-enabled gyms that are a part of our invite-only release. If you’d like your gym to be considered for the early access, please fill out the form here:


· Class Scheduling: View, reserve, and sign into upcoming classes at your gym.

· Workout: Check out your class’ workout from anywhere and prepare to sweat.

· Performance Tracking: Measure your progress while working out in class and exercising on your own.

· Attendance Tracking: See all your past classes in one place.

· Leaderboard and Social: Connect with your fellow gym-goers by seeing how you stack up and celebrating your accomplishments together.

· More features to come!

Reach out to [email protected] at any time with your feedback.

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