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About 馃殌 TRIPA: Trip Itinerary Planner & Travel Expense

Trip itinerary plan sharing with friends, track and split expenses with TripA. TripA can help to create travel itinerary based on popular places around the world as well as places of your choice. TripA is the best app for planning vacation travel.
You can plan personal & group trip planning with TripA:
路 Multi destination trip planning
路 Explore destination and add directly to trip
路 Travel itinerary planning
路 Trip itinerary map
路 Travel expense tracking
路 Invite friends to co-edit travel itinerary as trip admin
路 Share travel itinerary plan with friends and family
路 Share & split travel expenses.
路 Automatic currency conversion during split expenses
路 Find places to explore & visit
路 Create travel packing checklist
路 Discuss with travel companions and plan your travel itinerary
路 Currency converter with latest currency rates
路 Receive push notifications when your friends post new updates to travel itinerary or
travel expenses

TripA provides google map, itinerary map view, explore places map view, packing list / travel checklist, itinerary planner discussions, trip members read view and admin view, track personal expenses, shared expenses tracking, split expenses & places to explore.

TripA has following modules & features:

馃憠 Itinerary Planner

Create a trip from must see tab or create from home screen. Once trip is created, User can see tabs: route and route map. User can go to any of page like travel checklist, and travel discussion, must see.

馃憠 Places to explore

Explore thousands of places to add to your travel itinerary. You can view places map and nearby places.

馃憠 Invite Friends & Share Trip

Share trip itinerary plan with friends & families. Trip member can create & edit travel itinerary.

馃憠 Share & Split Travel Expense

Add travel expenses & spit with friends. Personal travel expenses only visible to you and shared trip expenses can only viewed by with whom you shared. Shared travel expenses will be divided equally. View travel expenses break down in graphical report.

馃憠 Trip Discussions

Chat with your friends and families while you plan your trip or on the go.

馃憠 Travel Checklist

Create custom travel packing list or add new from list of travel checklist. This travel checklist will help you to plan your trip, so you don't miss anything. This packing checklist can be useful for international traveler.

馃憠 Push Notifications

Receive trip notifications when your friend send you message or make changes to travel itinerary or travel expenses.

馃憠 Money Converter

Convert between currencies for travel countries.
Trip itinerary planner apps works in online and offline mode. Support Google and Facebook login.

TripA is the best app for planning travel trips. Download now and start planning your trips.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I share a trip?
Tap on the created trip -> tap on share icon to share the trip.

2. How can I share travel expenses?
Tap 鈥+鈥 icon on travel expenses page ->Fill up the form -> Switch on 鈥楽hared鈥 button ->Select persons to share expenses with -> Tap check mark on upright corner of screen.

3. How can I add destination from 鈥楳ust See鈥 to trip Itinerary?
Tap 鈥楳ust See鈥 in trip -> Explore Country-> Tap 鈥+鈥 button on the destination to add to travel itinerary or tap 鈥楳ap view鈥 icon in 鈥楨xplore destination鈥 -> Tap place icon on map -> tap destination name to add to travel itinerary.

4. Can I add my own places to trip itinerary and how and mark them as complete?
Tap 鈥業tinerary鈥 tab in trip -> tap 鈥+鈥 icon to add place. To mark place as complete, check 鈥榗heck box鈥 on the place in travel itinerary.

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Download TripA travel trip itinerary planner to start Travel itinerary planning, create Trip itinerary map & Travel expense tracking

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Great helping tool for travel lovers ... fantabulous... Awesome user interface. It is by far the best travel planner app i have used!
Vedant Deshpande
I give it a 鈥淭humps up鈥. Very good app to track your expenses. Plan Your next vacation with 鈥淭ripA鈥. Very handy travel app. Everything at one place on the go. Easy to track personal trip expenses as well as ...
shivajirao pandav
It鈥檚 best trip itinerary planner app I ever seen. You can plan organized itinerary very easily as per date and time. Itinerary map view and explore place map view is very helpful while creating itinerary.
Sneha Pandav