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About Beenovel—Free Reading Hot Novels

Beenovel has numerous hot novels to read. We have collected nearly all interesting English novels. Simple outlook and display will give you a different reading experience. Download our APP to have fun reading now!

Beenovel——Novels of different genres are all free for you to read online or offline

Novels of Various Genres
Beenovel has covered novels in various genres like Sci-Fi, Triller, Mystery, Romance, YA, Forbidden Love, Fantasy, Fairy Romance,Werewolf, Ancient Love, Vampire & Suspense and more. No matter what types you like, there will always be the one in your favor.

Daily Updating
Millions of novels, short or long, suspense or comic, full or ongoing, etc. keep updating regularly so that you will get the newest novels to read. You can read the novels you like at anytime in anywhere.

Careful Reminder In Time
In case that you may miss the upcoming chapters or forget the chapters you’ve read, we will kindly send notifications for you to continue your reading journey.

Customize Shelf On Your Favor
Add the novels you like to the shelf so that you can find them and continue to read easily. Based on your favorite genres, our APP will also send personalized recommendations for you. You can quickly pick them up and have fun reading immediately.

Comfortable Reading
When you’re reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll. Let the screen scroll with your own reading pace. Apart from that, there are two modes for you to choose, day and night. Adjust the mode according to the environment you are in. Relax your eyes to have a long time comfortable reading.

Download our APP right now and start your reading journey by exploring Beenovel. Have fun!

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