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About Electric Toolkit - Home Wiring

Electric Toolkit is an easy to use collection of electrical wiring diagrams, pinouts, electrical calculators and other useful references for home wiring projects. The Electric Toolkit includes:

*Seven different 3-way switch wiring diagrams
*Seven different Ceiling Fan wiring diagrams
*Basic light switch wiring diagrams
*4-way switching wiring diagrams
*Exhaust/bathroom fan wiring diagrams
*Multiple GFCI wiring diagrams
*Wall outlet wiring diagram
*Ampacity table for determining proper wire gauge
*AWG resistance table
*Max number of conductors in conduit table
*Common wire size reference sheet
*Service Entrance Ground Size Requirements table
(based on NEC 2020, Table 250-66)
*Grounding conductor size calculator
(NEC 2008 through NEC 2020, Table 250-122)
*Ohms Law calculator
*Sizing a Circuit Breaker calculator
(NEC 2020, NEC 2017, and NEC 2014, 240-6(a))
*Voltage drop calculator
*Wire Ampacity in Conduit: NEC 2020, 310.16 reference sheet
*Wire Ampacity in Conduit: NEC 2017, 310.15(B)(16) reference sheet
*Audio/Video Cable pinouts
*Cable Pinouts: Component, DisplayPort, DVI, Ethernet, Firewire, HDMI, Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI, Lightning, LPT(parallel port), PS/2, RCA, Serial port, S-video, USB 3.0, Mini-USB, Micro USB, USB-C, and VGA.

If you have any suggestions, find bugs, or have any requests, feel free to email them to: [email protected]

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Used many times
Kenneth McKnight
I have used this app to do so much of my wiring work around my house and will continue to use it as I learn so much from it. . I have one request. . 1- Can you add wiring a bathroom exhaust to a light fixtur...
A Google user
Needed something like this for when I'm in a no-mobile-data zone. Lots of customers in rural areas AND I just like having an app for convenience. Has all basic diagrams youd need and they are laid out very c...
Hands Lee