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About WinIt - Fight Your Tickets

With a risk-free guarantee for parking tickets, and high success rates in disputing traffic tickets, WinIt is the best way to manage and fight your parking and traffic tickets.

We've contracted with seasoned parking specialists and traffic attorneys who have been fighting tickets for over 20 years to provide you with a best-of-breed solution to easily and cost-effectively fight your parking and traffic tickets!

• Upload all your tickets
• Check the status of your disputes at any time
• Keep an eye out for new violations with our ticket guardian and auto-dispute feature

Parking ticket disputes are risk-free: WinIt only charges 50% of the ticket amount, and only when your ticket is dismissed!

Before you pay your traffic ticket, get a quote from an experienced traffic attorney for the cost to fight it!

If you have any questions, problems, or feedback, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What services does WinIt offer?

WinIt offers a solution to manage and fight parking and traffic tickets with a risk-free guarantee and high success rates in disputes.

How does WinIt work?

WinIt allows you to upload all your tickets, check the status of disputes, and keep track of new violations with the ticket guardian and auto-dispute feature.

How much does WinIt charge for parking ticket disputes?

WinIt charges only 50% of the ticket amount, and only when your ticket is dismissed.

Can WinIt help with traffic tickets as well?

Yes, WinIt can help with traffic tickets. Before paying your ticket, you can get a quote from an experienced traffic attorney for the cost to fight it.

How can I contact WinIt for any questions or feedback?

You can send an email to [email protected] for any questions, problems, or feedback.
Save myself 3 points on my License and my car insurance from going up. Fairly easy to use the app as well and they do a great job with updates on my currents tickets and hearings. Thanks WinIt!!
Kaptain Kawk
If you don't already use WinIt you're nuts! They recently got a huge moving violation of mine dismissed not to mention multiple parking violations. And it's SO easy! They don't win every time, but I'd say mo...
Chris Catanese
It is super easy, just uploaded an image of the traffic ticket, a while later thanks G_d it was suspended 🙂 love it
Marko Alsaygh
Very easy to use. saves lot of time and hustle
Mazed Oney
I'm usually pretty good at identifying mistakes in NYC parking tickets. I have NH plates and this one seemed like it was going to stick. Rather than paying, I turned it over to WinIt, and they won. I still d...
William Nugent
WinIt Is amazing, I had a ticket that was 115$, and WinIt lawyers helped fight it, and won, extremely helpful to me, definitely will recommend to anyone.
David Santana