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About Ting Sensor

Electrical fires kill hundreds, injure thousands and cause ~$1.5B in losses each year. Ting™ alerts to electrical fire hazards throughout the home by monitoring the home’s entire electrical network for the precursors to electrical fires, micro-arcs and sparks that develop in cords, wires and faulty appliances.


• Simple DIY install, just plug into an outlet and pair to WiFi

• Automated detection of damaged cords, wires and faulty appliances across the whole home

• Get informed of potential fire hazards so you have time to investigate and address the cause

• Ting pilot customers may also receive a Fire Proxy device for system testing, app assists in installing and pairing the Proxy as well

Install took under a minute. After first install I decided to move a sensor to another room and it connected seamlessly. Much easier to install and set up than any other smart device in my house, which are m...
Dana Black
Simple, fast installation. Great tool for peace of mind against electical fires and home safety!
Don Bixler
Very easy install of sensor. Only took a couple of minutes to link device and app. Pretty cool.
James Anderson