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About Oddbods Oddlife: Daily Games

Life is more fun with the Oddbods! See what happens when you and your favorite Oddbods sing, dance, and play throughout the day.

Oddbods Oddlife brings together the best of kids entertainment and augmented reality to create a safe, happy and immersive world where your child's creativity and imagination can run wild with some of their best friends.

With interactive games all throughout the day, kids and families learn how to make daily tasks fun and a little more odd! Join Slick in the morning as he helps kids brush their teeth, get Bubbles to teach them to wash their hands (20 seconds long for health guidelines), learn to calm down with Fuse, and play the yawning game to fall asleep with Zee!

With unbelievable AR masks and accessories, your kids can play dress up, becoming Bubbles, Pogo, Fuse and the gang. Watch them transform into their favorite Oddbods!

With creative, interactive and educational games and tasks, your kids imaginations and bodies will get moving for a new way to play in a fun and safe ad-free environment.

AbigailMom ***** This works! A great app - got my kids to brush their teeth this morning along with the app - first time ever that they’ve done this with no complaints - they were perfectly happy brushing along with Zee so thank you Oddbods, I’m a fan!

jazzzyc ***** Perfect entertainment for my toddler. Brilliant, innovative app that has kept my toddler entertaining and engaged. My son loved it when Pogo called him! Educational and fun :)

jonmainman ***** Yawntastic! Tried the get to sleep game with my nephew and he yawned and yawned and then fell asleep 15 minutes later. Genius

shlika b ***** My boy is hooked. It’s hilarious to watch my 4 years old son playing this app, so many funny faces and giggles. Love it!

INTERACTIVE GAMES - Turn daily tasks into the extraordinary as kids learn how to brush their teeth, scrub in the bath, or get ready for bed with their favourite Oddbods!

SING ALONG WITH THE ODDBODS - Children can sing along to their most loved Oddbods songs!

INTERACTIVE SCREEN TIME - Educational fun for kids as they learn how to play, sing and dress up as the Oddbods, getting imaginations and bodies moving!

SAFE AND AD-FREE - Enjoy playtime with Oddbods Oddlife in the comfort of a safe and secure ad-free environment.


Oddbods has partnered with Weyo to provide positive, immersive and interactive experiences that encourage active connections between children, their parents and their favorite entertainment characters.

All images seen through the camera in this app or saved while playing inside stay right on your phone. We don’t track or store ANY images – videos, scans, or faces. We can’t see them, save them, distribute or share them. Only you can do that.

Weyo is committed to creating a safe and secure place for children and families. We aim to offer full transparency about any information collected from users. To learn more about our privacy policy, visit To learn more about our terms of use, visit

CUSTOMER SUPPORT Email us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Oddbods Oddlife?

Oddbods Oddlife is a kids entertainment app that combines augmented reality with interactive games, allowing children to sing, dance, and play with their favorite Oddbods characters throughout the day.

What can kids do in Oddbods Oddlife?

In Oddbods Oddlife, kids can engage in interactive games and tasks such as brushing their teeth, washing their hands, calming down, and falling asleep. They can also dress up as their favorite Oddbods characters using AR masks and accessories.

Are the games in Oddbods Oddlife educational?

Yes, the games in Oddbods Oddlife are designed to be creative, interactive, and educational, encouraging children's imagination and physical activity in a fun and safe ad-free environment.

Are there any reviews for Oddbods Oddlife?

Yes, here are some reviews from users:

Can children sing along to Oddbods songs in the app?

Yes, children can sing along to their favorite Oddbods songs in Oddbods Oddlife.

Is Oddbods Oddlife a safe app for children?

Yes, Oddbods Oddlife provides a safe and secure ad-free environment for children to play, learn, and engage with their favorite Oddbods characters.

How does Oddbods Oddlife ensure privacy?

The app does not track or store any images seen through the camera or saved while playing. All images and videos stay on the user's phone and cannot be accessed, distributed, or shared by the app. For more information, you can visit the privacy policy at

Where can I find customer support for Oddbods Oddlife?

For customer support, you can email [email protected].