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About Pro Deepl translator App

Deepl translator app is an open source version of the DeepL services.

Neural networks expand human possibility, overcome language barriers, and bring cultures closer together. DeepL trains artificial intelligence to understand and translate texts. Now we put it into-your hands.

The performance of a neural network depends on the quality of the material it trains on. Deepl translator gratuit train on billions of high-quality translated sentences provided by the search engineLinguee. This gives DeepL an unassailable advantage.

In blind tests pitting deepl translator offline against the competition, translators prefer our results by a factor of 3:1. Available languages : English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

This is not the official app. Deepl translator pro are registered trademarks owned by DeepL GmbH, and under license. For more informations :

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