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About WEMIX Wallet

Management and transfer of digital assets
- Track and check the market price of WEMIX3.0 assets you own at a glance.
- Send and receive tokens in the easiest and most convenient way.
- Functions to visualize and send purchased NFTs in your wallet will be added shortly.

Exchange between coins
- Exchange WEMIX and WEMIX$, the main coins of the ecosystem, quickly in your wallet.
- Exchange any coin of your choice at any time for a low fee.

Connection with mega-ecosystem services
- Experience the core services that will contribute to the growth and expansion of WEMIX mega-ecosystem with WEMIX Wallet.
- ‘WEMIX.Fi’, decentralized finance platform
- "NILE", platform to create and manage DAO projects

Secure wallet management
- All authentication can be processed in the wallet through Face ID/Touch ID of the device.
- Only the user himself/herself can check and manage the secret phrase and private key related to the Wallet.
- WEMIX Wallet does not store any personal information that can identify users.
- You can always recover your WEMIX Wallet with your secret phrase.

App access permissions
- Camera (optional): camera access is required to scan QR code for wallet connection and token transfer. You can decline if you wish.

Please report any bugs or complaints related to the use of the app through the WEMIX Wallet help center.
- Help center:

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