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About Anchor Watch Pro / Alarm

Anchor watch PRO is a position logger, remote instant message or email alarm and sound alarm and it monitors the device's current location and informs you if the location of the device changes too far away from the set anchor. In that case, it will sound an alarm and optionally send an message to another phone via instant messaging or email.

Please try free version of the app before buying this one to test if all functions are supported by your phone.

Please know that the performance and accuracy of the Anchor watch application depends on the hardware and software of the used device. If you have bad reception, please move the device to a location that has better satellite reception!

Because this application uses GPS to monitor movement, it will consume battery a bit faster than normally. We suggest you charge your device while using the app, although it's not necessary and the impact on battery life strongly depends on the specific device! There is also an advanced option to set GPS update intervals which might greatly improve battery life.

Additional PRO features:
  ♦  Store previous anchor positions
  ♦  Dark UI theme for easier night readability
  ♦  Confirmation patterns to avoid mistakes
  ♦  More data on notification bar
  ♦  Low battery alarm
  ♦  Instant message notification to another phone
  ♦  Email notification to another phone
  ♦  Logging of boat movement and its display on map
  ♦  no advertisements

Main application features:
  ♦  Shows GPS location and accuracy
  ♦  Monitors current distance to anchor
  ♦  Alerts you in case you drift too far from the anchor
  ♦  Alerts you in case your GPS looses signal
  ♦  Allows you to select a sound alarm
  ♦  Allows setting exclusion zones
  ♦  Uses device's compass to set the anchor even if you are not located directly above it

The application requires following permissions:
  ♦  Fine GPS location: To monitor your location
  ♦  Full internet access: For map view
This application can be used on boats, sailboats, motorboats and any other objects that move freely.

In case of bugs:
All applications can have bugs, so if you find one, please inform us so we can solve the issue. You can also contact us if you have a suggestion for improving the app. We will gladly listen to your suggestions!

If GPS doesn't work, please bear in mind that it might be a hardware issue, as some devices have trouble getting a good GPS fix! We cannot do anything about that, nor can any other app.

If you want to post negative comments, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST on [email protected] as we would like to resolve the issue.

Some device types have problems with some parts of the application, such as not providing proper GPS provider. Since those are per-device issues, we cannot guarantee to support each one.

Please keep in mind that the application is provided "AS-IS". It should not be relied on to and we shall not be responsible for any problem/expense/life threatening situation it could cause.

  ♦  If the application keeps loosing GPS signal when screen is turned off, try disabling battery optimizations of the specific phone. If that doesn't help, try enabling the option in application settings to keep screen on. We are researching alternative solutions.

Worth the upgrade to pro! Great for watching your anchor without using boat battery power!
John Nader
Took me a bit to get used to the different features but a very good tool. Get the Pro version as I found the heat map of boat wanderings great when being anchored with an oyster farm to leeway.
Graham Richardson
These folks are good! Is everything I hoped for and a whole lot more.
Hans Paabor