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About Police Investigation Notes

This application is designed to assist investigators, officers and and security personnel in organizing efficiently their case loads with case status. Excellent for maintaining a clean work record.

Features include:
- Record incident information such as crime type, location, beat, preliminary and briefing details etc.
- Checklist provided to document inteviews, investigation follow up, evidence
- Attach images and capture photos of crime scene, evidence etc.
- Maintain a list of investigative notes in alphabetical order (Subject Last Name, First Name, Crime Type, Case Number, Location)
- Generate clean printable reports that may be directly added to your investigative folder
- Email reports to your superiors or colleagues
- Help documentation included

Form Features:
- Speech-to-text support
- Multiple drop downs for ease of use
- Auto calculation of day from date
- Department Name, Officer Name & ID are retained

* Great for Police Officers, Investigators, Detectives, Security Officers
Version 1.3
Minor Fixes

Version 1.1
Misc. updates
Menu buttons updated

Like all of wavesystems apps, this works. There are things that can be improved on, but I like that I can add mutible pics. Hope they bring that to all the other apps.
Steven Whitfield
Very good app.very good support. Will recommend to guys on the job.
Herman Felton
Customer service for this app is outstanding. The only thing different I would like to see is the ability to modify some of the fields. An apple format would be nice (Only reason is my work phone is an app...
Scott Kendrick