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About Minimal Rose Gold 3 watch face

Minimal Rose Gold 3 - The perfect Wear OS watch face for those who appreciate simplicity and elegance. With its minimal design and rose gold accents, this watch face is sure to impress.

But don’t let its simplicity fool you - Minimal Rose Gold 3 is packed with features to help you stay on top of your game. With two custom shortcuts and one custom complication, you can easily access the information you need at a glance. The default complication is set to a step counter, but it can be easily changed to suit your needs.

In addition to its customizability, Minimal Rose Gold 3 also includes a heart rate monitor and battery counter, so you can keep track of your health and your device’s power levels. And with its power-optimized design, you can be sure that your watch will last as long as you need it to.

But that’s not all - Minimal Rose Gold 3 also allows you to change the color of the rose gold lines to match your style. So whether you prefer a classic look or something more bold, this watch face has got you covered.

In summary, Minimal Rose Gold 3 is a minimal, digital and sporty watch face for Wear OS that combines style and functionality. With its custom features and power-optimized design.


Here are some of the features:
- Day and date
- Changeable colors
- Battery indicator
- Heart Rate Monitor
- Custom Shortcuts x2
- Custom Complications x1
- Optimized power
- AOD mode

This watch face is compatible with all Wear OS devices API 28+

- To customize your watch face, simply touch and hold the display, then tap on the Customize button.

Be sure to accept the sensor message when you first apply it to the smartwatch to display steps and heart rate correctly.

The watch face does not automatically measure and display heart rate information. You must take a manual measurement in order to view your current heart rate. After the initial manual measurement, your heart rate will be automatically measured every 10 minutes. When measuring heart rate, make sure the screen is on and the watch is worn properly on the wrist.

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