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About Wa Recorder: Online Tracker

Wa Recorder: Online Tracker - last seen and online tracker for WhatsApp

Do you want to follow the movements of your loved ones or your child while using WhatsApp? Here is a great tracking and notification application for you; Wa Recorder: Online Tracker, online last seen tracker for WhatsApp. With this application, you can add the number you want and start tracking immediately with activity notifications.

Wa Recorder: Online Tracker - Last seen tracker for Whatsapp

⭐ You can view your reports in monthly, weekly or hourly forms.
⭐ You can see in detail the WhatsApp login and logout times of the number you monitor WhatsApp activity and report how much time it spends in the application.
⭐ You can name any mobile number you add.
⭐ You can add and track many different phone numbers to your watch list with different package options.
⭐ Thanks to the instant notifications feature, you will be notified as soon as the number you follow on WhatsApp is active.

In Wa Recorder: Online Tracker, the last seen tracker for WhatsApp application, you can track the activity of any number you want from anywhere in the world without having to open an account. Also, thanks to the notify feature of the last seen application through this application, in addition to its active status, you can easily track and easily see the online last seen status of the number as soon as you receive a notification. With Wa Recorder: Online Tracker, families can control and monitor their children's social media usage. In this way, you can pay attention to the safe use of social media.

Our last seen tracking application, which has been produced within legal frameworks, basically aims to control the use of safe social media and the time spent in social media applications by reporting the activity. Thanks to this application, instead of following someone's movement with instant notification, you can start to follow by adding your own phone number. You can add your own phone and start monitoring and view your online WhatsApp activity hourly, daily and monthly. In this way, you can track the time you spend in your own social media application and get informed usage thanks to notifications.

You can turn on or off notifications that instantly notify the person you follow (or your own number) about activity, online and offline. In addition, even if you track more than one phone number at the same time, it notifies you of the status of all of them within the names you give.

Your privacy is important to us, so no notification will be given to people you follow WhatsApp activity and online last seen app. As soon as the phone number you follow is active, you will be notified, but these notifications will not be made to anyone else.

Download Wa Recorder: Online Tracker now, get WhatsApp activity notifications and start tracking to securely track social media activity and online last seen status for your child, loved ones, others or yourself.

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