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About Warband Odds

Estimate you winning chances in Warhammer Underworlds with Warband Odds.

To calculate the probability of Win, Draw and Crit set your attack and opponents defense characteristics. This includes the number of dice to roll, weapon, cleave, support, trap and guard token. 

Simply compare results with other variants by tapping the "Target" button.

Warband Odds is designed to help with deck building and casual play with your friends. Ask permission from tournament organizers before using Warband Odds in an event.

Warband Odds is totally free, incl. ads-free non-commercial companion app for fans of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire & Nightvault; This is not an official Games Workshop application, all the names, images, and game design ideas are the property of Games Workshop.

great app to figure which is the best attack and defense. thank you.
Christopher Sparke
This app improved took my play all the way to 11. Pretty sure it made me more attractive as well.
Michael Carlin
Great app, I hope it will soon integrate the new "Ensnare" mechanic!
N Blackmore