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About Wabi Store

If you own a grocery store and would like to join Wabi, register now at

With Wabi Carrier, you’ll increase your sales in a simple and convenient way.

Starting your shift from your smartphone, you’ll automatically receive orders from homes and offices nearby. Accept or reject them just by tapping on your screen!

Once you accept an order, you just have to pick the requested items from your store and head out to deliver them. Using Wabi Carrier, you will be able to update the order’s status so the customer is aware of the step of the process you are in. This is very simple and user friendly!

The system is designed in a way you will only receive orders that can be delivered within walking distance, unless you decide otherwise. You’ll never have to worry about the delivery process: any employee from your store can take the order by walking to the delivery place and make your customers happy without making a huge effort or taking lots of time.

Right now, you will only be able to accept cash as payment method, but soon we’ll be adding Credit Cards.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy by joining Wabi:

Extra Income
Reach new customers in your area and increase your sales’ volume!

Make the most out of non-busy hours and deliver orders within walking distance!

Idle Inventory
Sell idle inventory that takes up space in your store with little effort!

Greater Visibility for your Business
Enjoy great visibility in digital media and boost your business!

We’re currently available in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico but will soon be expanding to many others!
What are you waiting for? Download Wabi, start receiving orders within your area and increase your store’s sales!
More info at

If you are a store and want to join Wabi, enter, send us the required information in the form and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

excelente app
Ayesha Iqbal
Aplicativo muito bom e sério! Aumentou muito minhas vendas!!!
Victoria Antunes
Asjad Iqbal