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About C++ Quiz

This is an android implementation of the test logic with all
questions from the site.

CAUTION! VERY difficult questions! (for newcomers)

★ Daily update of the questions' database from the
★ Customization of the code highlighting
★ Offline mode
★ Difficulty selection
★ Dark app theme
★ Favourite questions
★ Ability to share a question

In the future:
☆ Quiz mode

Which version of the standard used?

If you have just started to learn the basics of programming or already consider yourself a strong programmer in the C++ programming language, try to pass this test. You don't need a compiler, because CppQuiz is a test of knowledge of the standard. The answer to the question does not depend on the specific machine – whether the code is compiled or will fall during execution – the language standard will tell.

About the C++ project: is an open source C++ quiz site ran by Anders Knatten,
with contributions from the C++ community.
If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can read more in its “About” section (

About the website:
This is a simple online quiz that will allow you to test your knowledge of the C++programming language.

I redacted my previous review. Great job on your questions.
Keep it up
I'm giving 5 stars for the concept and Back-End, but the UI needs a bit of improvement. When a line of code is longer, you can't scroll horizontally in one glide. The dark mode needs to be DARKer. Putting th...
Andrei Iaz