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About VOA Farsi

The free, *official* Voice of America (VOA) mobile / tablet application serves news to your mobile device or tablet. VOA operates one of the world's largest international news media networks on TV, radio and digital properties with a total weekly audience of more than 200 million people around the world, including Africa, The Middle East, Asia and beyond. To do this, VOA employs more than 3,500 journalists, focused on countries without a free or established press or free and open internet access.

The news application features:

* Enjoy photos, video, audio and text content
* Breaking news notifications
* Hear podcasts on demand
* Download stories, videos, and photos for offline reading, watching, and listening
* Customizable navigation items and order
* Stream multimedia
* Offline-downloading and saving of news content for later enjoyment
* Social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, email and other platforms

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