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About Hydrogen Atom Orbitals

The electron orbitals of the hydrogen atom describe the wave-like behavior of an electron in atom and they determine the probability to find it in a particular space region. Mathematically the orbitals are determined by the hydrogen atom wave functions of its energy eigenstates and the wave functions themselves are determined as the solution to the quantum mechanical Schroedinger equation.

This app visualizes the electron orbitals of the hydrogen atom in 3D by drawing the cross-section surfaces of the electron probability density in OpenGL and using the Marching Cubes algorithm.

- Select the electron orbital to visualize by specifying the quantum number n, l and m, or pick the random one.
- Change the discretization step size.
- Choose the total probability to find electron inside the drawn orbital surface.
- Zoom and rotate the orbital with your fingers.

Source code of the app is available under the MIT License at

Just made my understanding of orbitals much better!!
Meehir Prabhakar
Kulwanti Kumari
Nice app.
Luke Siemens