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About Vimvest

Plan for the future. Live in the moment. Vimvest is about setting goals and making a difference. This is how financial planning should be.

* Long-Term Goals: Let Nobel Prize-winning science give your long term goals the boost they deserve. Never take on more risk than you want with our custom portfolios.

* Short-Term Goals: Good old fashioned saving is perfect for goals like vacations, a big-ticket item, moments you’d like to experience, and more.

* Favorite Charities: Give to the organizations and non-profits that are making a difference in the world, and add them to your Favorites list for quick access donations.

And we make it easier than ever to fund your goals and donate to your favorite charity all with a single deposit, all at once. This takes depositing to a whole new level. We call it the Vimvest Split.

Download Vimvest and start experiencing the future of financial planning:

* One Place for Your Goals – Goals for investing, saving, and giving all in one place.
* Nobel Prize Investing – Portfolios built with science and risk management in mind.
* SIPC® Protection – Financial accounts with Vimvest are protected up to $250K.
* Non-Profits Get Everything – All of every dollar you give through Vimvest will go to the organization you support.
* Vimvest Split– Choose an amount, allocate the funds to any combination of goal or charity, and make the deposit.
* Real, Human Help – The Vimvest Team is always here for you, with near 24/hr help.
* Beyond Bank-Level Security – If you trust your bank, then trusting Vimvest is easy.

Easy, accurate, and my "go to" app❤️❤️
Alesandro Gjoni
A compact app that has lots of useful options!
Amy Hart
This is the best app I have seen in my experience and this app is very easy to understand. I would highly recommend of this app.....
Kathy Wright