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About VeChain Pro

VeChain App is the unified portal for VeChain blockchain platform. The product lifecycle can be easily displayed by scanning QR code or built-in chip attached to the product. In such way, the daily operations in business world can be digitalized and systematized. Meanwhile, value transfer can be achieved by doing so.

Using VeChain App to scan the QR code or built-in chip, it can display:
• The lifecycle of each imported liquor product, including information of overseas winery, free-trade zone warehouse, delivery center, distributers and stores;
• The manufacturing and ownership history of luxury goods. Customers can scan the built-in chip attached on the product to identify the authenticity and claim ownership of the product;
• The detailed information of assets to facilitate the related business processes;

More use cases in agriculture, food safety, automobile, blockchain government affairs will be added, stay tuned!

VeChain is a world’s leading blockchain platform for products and information.

Our aim is to begin with the smallest elements in business world, and digitalize all of these small elements and build a general type of connection. VeChain builds the reflection on the coordinating activities of modern business through different smart contracts. It provides related value flow tool and system in order to create a new business model based on this coordination pattern. After that VeChain builds a new kind of distributed business ecosystem that will be operated on Blockchain.

It is very useful and interesting. It will be perfect also if you can add the list of the companies here, which products can be scanned. And some information about the system for users.
Rizvan Mammadov
easy use, I love it
Darryl Wade
Very good app to see how VeChain toolchain traceability platform works.
Fernando Perez-Vigo