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About Morse Expert

Decodes Morse Code audio to text. Optimized for decoding weak, fading signals in the noise and interference, especially on the Amateur Radio bands. Optionally highlights Ham callsigns and keywords. The audio may come either from the built-in microphone or from another device, such as a radio, via an audio cable. Decoding is performed using the same algorithms as used in CW Skimmer.

This is an excellent app! It does the job. No need to look any further. Easy to use and very accurate. Alex has created great product. de W5XNA
Tom Northfell
Works well with the microphone on the phone making it useful for /P work. You will not be disappointed.
Stuart Hill
Excellent work Alex. Computer/AI Morse copying continues to improve, thanks to your efforts. And as an app on the phone, this is incredibly convenient - intend to use it so the XYL can "watch" a conversation...
Chris R. NW6V