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About Vault Calculator - Hide pictures and video

This vault calculator is a secret calculator that functions as an mediafiles hider. It will help you to hide pictures and videos as well. When someone opens the list of apps on your smartphone, they would see just a regular calculator icon. No one would guess that it is a safe photo locker that helps you to conceal confidential content as a normal and "boring" calc. This hide gallery app will allow you to enjoy maximum privacy even if you are not a geek and lack profound technical knowledge. Thanks to this photo vault, you will always feel safe and secure.

What for do you need this hiding app

Sometimes we need to hide gallery without erasing it completely. There might be:
- Scans of important documents that we can not afford to lose.
- Pictures of people that we fell in love with but can not reveal our feelings to them.
- Videos where we look too hilarious to share it with the world.
This is especially important for people whose occupation or social status requires them to be reserved and conservative. On all these occasions and many others, this safe gallery lock will allow you to pass your private files as a standard calculator that crunches the numbers. Even the list of the recent apps will display it as a calc.

Functionality of the app

To start using this keep safe photo vault, you need to invent a password. Without the password, the app would function as a regular calculator. But when you introduce the secret combination, it will give you access to your confidential pics, videos and applications. You will be able to open the locked video and images either within the hide calculator or in the interface of the smartphone.
To transfer an mediafiles to the vault, follow these steps:
1. Enter the "Calculator" and select adding an picture or video.
2. Find the necessary files in the content of your gadget.
3. Import the mediafiles into the vault.
The vault will not access the root of the app. When needed, you will be able to delete unwanted content from the vault at any moment.
Similarly, you can create folders for your sensitive multimedia content and relocate it to the vault from the regular gallery. Plus, you can create a shortcut to a hidden camera and take private photos that will be stored exclusively in the vault from the onset.

Advantages of the app

Among the numerous apps that allow users to hide photos and videos, this one stands out due to the subsequent characteristics:
- It is 100% free and compatible with all Android devices regardless of their brand.
- This lightweight app downloads in a matter of seconds and occupies minimum space in your gadget's memory.
- Its design is sleek and its interface is genuinely intuitive. It would take you just a couple of minutes to figure out how to hide apps and other content.
- It is outstandingly reliable. You can fully trust this app and never be afraid of any bugs or errors. No one ever will be able to reach your hidden content except yourself.
This photo vault will help you to hide pictures and video quickly, safely and efficiently. Feel free to hide photos and videos from gallery right now!