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About Colourpin

Each colour has a unique NCS notation to describe how the colour relates to the four basic colours – yellow, red, blue, and green, as well as to black and white – in blackness, whiteness and chromaticness.

The NCS code describes the percentage of the colour that consists of these different parts. This makes it possible to describe the colours of all surface materials and ensure that the colours turn out exactly as you want them too.

The Colourpin app makes defining and exploring colours an organized and simplified process.

Download the new free Colourpin app and start pinning colours already today! For every colour you pin, you get colour information in the form of the closest NCS notation, translated into RGB, L*a*b* and lightness values.

Ya está la nueva versión en español. Me ayuda para no equivocarme con las referencias de las muestras de los clientes.
Dèlia Ib
Great app to cut costs and boost efficiency
Corey Mann
This app has really made my work easy, its all about connecting the device with your phone thru Bluetooth, scan and there you go, you get the clossiest color possible......five stas 🌟
mercy cherotich