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About Singularity by Vaonis

Singularity by Vaonis is the new control center for your Stellina and Vespera observation stations. This intuitive mobile application allows you to explore the Cosmos with ease. Receive personalized recommendations on which objects to observe according to your geolocation and the astronomical calendar. Learn more about the history of the Universe and immortalize your trip by photographing galaxies, nebulae and star clusters.


Just press the button, and let Stellina and Vespera do the rest. Your new companion will use your GPS to find its position on Earth, adjust its focus and be ready to take you anywhere you want in less than 5 minutes.


Choose your destination from the hundreds of celestial objects in the Singularity catalog. Your station will automatically point to the selected area, and track it to maintain optimal viewing conditions.


It only takes a few seconds for Stellina and Vespera to deliver the first image of your destination before compiling dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other images in real time, progressively revealing ever greater details and colors.


Access an unlimited number of objects with coordinate pointing. Customize your camera's exposure time and gain (new) to generate initial files for manual processing using image editing software.


Save your photos in your Singularity gallery and now find them on both your tablet and smartphone. Photo storage in the app is now synced across all your devices.


Take control of your station from the Space Center: prepare your observation evening by checking the weather forecast, create and manage your observation locations, check the parameters of Stellina/Vespera... You can also read the astronomical news or our advice on Stellina and Vespera on our blog while waiting for nightfall.

PLAN MY NIGHT (coming soon)

Program your observation station for the night and let it explore the Universe on its own. After a good night's sleep, recover your photos on a USB key.


Your trip is over, share it! Show the world your photos on social networks and join our community of explorers, using #myStellina or #myVespera.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Singularity by Vaonis?

Singularity by Vaonis is a mobile application that serves as the control center for Stellina and Vespera observation stations. It allows users to explore the cosmos, receive recommendations on objects to observe, and take photographs.

How does Singularity automatically set up Stellina and Vespera?

By pressing a button, Singularity uses GPS to determine the position on Earth, adjust focus, and prepare the observation stations for use in less than 5 minutes.

What does Singularity offer in terms of automatic direction and tracking?

Singularity allows users to choose a celestial object from its catalog, and the observation stations will automatically point to the selected area and track it for optimal viewing conditions.

How does Singularity process images?

Singularity rapidly delivers the first image of the chosen destination, and then progressively compiles numerous other images to reveal more details and colors in real time.

Is there an expert mode available in Singularity?

Yes, Singularity offers an expert mode that allows users to access a vast number of objects by using coordinate pointing. Users can also customize the camera's exposure time and gain for manual processing.

What features are included in Singularity's photo gallery?

Singularity's photo gallery allows users to save their photos and access them on both tablets and smartphones. Photo storage is synced across multiple devices.

What can users do in the Space Center feature of Singularity?

In the Space Center, users can take control of their observation stations. They can check the weather forecast, manage observation locations, review Stellina/Vespera parameters, read astronomical news, and view advice from the blog.

What is the upcoming feature "Plan My Night" in Singularity?

"Plan My Night" is a soon-to-be-released feature that will allow users to program their observation stations for the night, letting them explore the universe autonomously. They can then recover their photos on a USB key.

Can Singularity help users share their photos on social networks?

Yes, Singularity provides the option to share photos on social networks. Users can showcase their trip and join the community of explorers by using hashtags such as #myStellina or #myVespera.