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About Learn MS PowerPoint

First, we want to note that:
- This is not an official application of Microsoft corporation, it does not have the same function as Microsoft's MS PowerPoint application! Our application is an application that helps you and users learn how to use PowerPoint to create a professional slide on the desktop.

- The data about the lessons on the application is compiled by us from many free sources on the Internet about Learning MS PowerPoint, if you are the owner of such data and content, please contact us in contact section.

And below is the content and how to use the Learn MS PowerPoint application.

Learn MS PowerPoint is an application created by us, to help you and users learn how to use MS PowerPoint in the easiest way, from basic to advanced knowledge, to help you become more professional in creating slides for work and study. This application is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to use MS PowerPoint.

Learn MS PowerPoint introduces you to a very detailed lesson, below are the content and features of the application:
We divide the content into 5 topics:
- PowerPoint Basic: Includes 4 lessons such as: Getting Started in PowerPoint, Creating and Opening Presentation, Saving Presentations.....
- Working with Slides: Includes 8 lessons about Slide Basics, Text Basics, Applying Themes, Managing Slides in PowerPoint.....
- Text and Object: Includes 7 lessons: Lists, Inserting Pictures, Shapes, Animating Text and Object in PowerPoint.....
- More Object: Includes 5 lessons on Inserting Videos/Audio/Tables/Charts in PowerPoint....
and many more lessons.

Lessons in the Learn MS PowerPoint application will be regularly updated by us.

The Learn MS PowerPoint application is designed to be simple, optimized for multiple devices, the lessons are clear, scientific, illustrated and easy to use.

Steps to use the app:
- Step 1: Open the application
- Step 2: Choose one of the topics you want to learn about excel
- Step 3: Choose a lesson in your chosen topic
- Finally: Read the topic carefully, practice each step in the lesson on the computer.

We apologize for the ads on the app, but since ads are our only source of income, we hope you won't mind when ads appear.

We hope you have a good experience and will learn a lot from our Learn MS PowerPoint application.

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