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About Arabic Unlocked

Join the Arabic Unlocked Community and get on the road to mastering the Arabic Language!

Transform your Arabic learning with the Arabic Unlocked app:

 Quick and Easy: Digestible bite-sized lessons that you can always find time for.

 Fun and Addictive: Enjoy learning with the challenges and gamification.

 Effective and Productive: Giving you real results in learning Arabic.

 Start to Finish: Lessons tailored to all levels of Arabic learners.

Learn Useful Vocabulary
Learn useful vocabulary that is used in the Quran and in daily speech with our unique Word Builder. The Word Builder helps you remember words and identifies which words you need to improve on.

Master the Arabic Letters
Learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic Letters with our unique module teaching you everything you need to know to master recognising, pronouncing and writing Arabic letters.

Monitor your progress with our Progress Tracker
See how well you’re doing with daily, weekly and overall performance.

Clear professional audio with perfect pronunciation
Words are clear and pronounced with full tajweed.

Structured fun learning
The lessons are broken down into an easy to digest format taking you from the very basics to advanced topics.

Games that help you learn
Play games that help you learn Arabic.

Leader board
See how well you’re doing with friends, family and rest of the world!

Finally understand the Arabic language with the Arabic Unlocked App.
Download now and start your free trial.

If you would like any support with the app or have any feedback, then we would love to hear from you at [email protected]

Make sure to contact us for any issues, our friendly team is ready to answer all your questions and solve any problems you may have.

Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Arabic Unlocked?

Arabic Unlocked is a community and app designed to help you master the Arabic language through bite-sized lessons, gamification, and tailored content for all levels of learners.

What are the benefits of using the Arabic Unlocked app?

The Arabic Unlocked app offers quick and easy lessons, fun learning experiences, effective results in learning Arabic, tailored vocabulary for the Quran and daily speech, correct pronunciation of Arabic letters, progress tracking, clear audio with perfect pronunciation, structured learning format, educational games, and a leaderboard to see how well you're doing compared to others.

How can the Word Builder feature help in learning Arabic?

The Word Builder feature helps you learn and remember useful vocabulary used in the Quran and daily speech. It also identifies words that you need to improve on.

What does the Progress Tracker in the app do?

The Progress Tracker allows you to monitor your performance on a daily, weekly, and overall basis. It helps you see how well you're doing in your Arabic learning journey.

How are the Arabic lessons structured in the app?

The Arabic lessons in the app are broken down into an easy-to-digest format, starting from the basics and progressing to advanced topics. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience.

Can I play games to learn Arabic on the Arabic Unlocked app?

Yes, the Arabic Unlocked app offers games that help you learn Arabic while having fun.

Is there a leaderboard feature in the app?

Yes, the app has a leaderboard where you can compare your progress with friends, family, and other users from around the world.

How can I get support or provide feedback for the Arabic Unlocked app?

For support or feedback regarding the app, you can contact the Arabic Unlocked team at [email protected]. They are ready to answer your questions and help resolve any issues you may encounter.
This is a one one of beautiful great app.
Sani Yakubu
So far so good...few glitch on button but no harm to overall learning
Sahir Yahya
Just 2 days into it, and i am glued, what a great app for learning arabic!, I hardly drop comments about apps even if they are worth it, but this is super worth it, thumbs up to the devs 👍...jazak Allah kha...
Love the app.. But can someone sponsor the premium for me.
Sakeena ADAMS
Masallah. May Allah accept your efforts.
PWD Maruf
its not working properly..i can't access premium
ali rashyd