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About Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners provides personalized washing, folding, dry cleaning, and alterations. The future of laundry care, brought to you by America’s #1 trusted laundry brand.

At Tide, we've learned a thing or two about laundry. It's what we do. It's what we love. It's why we've earned your trust as America's number-one detergent. But our real passion is helping you get the most out of life. Which got us thinking... what if we got rid of laundry day all together?

Download the Tide Cleaners app, grab a laundry bag, and press a button. We'll take care of the rest with the clean and care you've come to expect from Tide. You can personalize your service by choosing your preferred detergent, starch level, and by entering any special instructions.

Drop off your clothes at a Tide Cleaners 24/7-accessible locker - we'll notify you when your clothes are ready for pickup. Tide Cleaners has over 2000 locker locations across 15 cities including Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Dallas.

Tide Cleaners has been featured in CBS, USA Today, Crain's, Chicago Tribune, Red Eye, BuiltIn Chicago. Get started with Tide Cleaners and live a life without laundry.

Convenience and easy instructions to get my clothes dry cleaned. When all of fort Worth's dry cleaners are closed on Sundays.
alex prashasouk
Fast, Clean, Safe
Great Service 👍
Graham Dickinson