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About Universal remote tv - fast remote control for tv

🥇TOP 1 powerful free wireless universal tv remote control & ir remote control app!

Do you always annoying the following situations?
💢 missing physical remote controller
💢 different tv, multi controller at home
💢 physical remote controller broken
💢 physical remote controller sale down
💢 run out of battery and no time searching

Don't worry! Our remote tv app can help you! 😊The internal remote chip of the physical remote controller stores the code that the corresponding TV can parse and can interact with the TV.

Our remote control for tv APP has built-in multi-brand codes, and an Android phone with infrared function can remotely control TVs of different brands! You don't need to buy batteries anymore~

More Features
🔥 IR Tablet Supported
🔥 Compatible with over 20000+ tv models, remote tv universal
🔥 Need to use with IR supported android phone
🔥 Elegant UI
🔥 Fast responsive
🔥 Completed control your tv
🔥 Save multi custom devices
🔥 Fast setup
🚀 Step1: Search your tv models
🚀 Step2: Download source pack
🚀 Step3: Press button, remote control tv

Install and enjoy your tv/DVD/VCR/set-top box in only one 📱! Let your phone eable to remote control tv. Throw physical remote controller and battery~

🖥Supported Brands
Lg, Samsung, Hisense, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, Insignia, Vizio, Videocon Dth, Philco, Aoc, Jvc, Haier, Westinghouse, Daewoo, Sansui, Sanyo, Akai, Polaroid

*This tv control remote app is not an official tv brands remote control product, and is not affiliated with the brands above in any way.
*This smart remote app requires IR blaster, make sure your phone support infrared (IR) emitter.

When you go travel, you can use this tv remote app to control hotel tv. Also when you are in hospital, this universal remote control can help you a lot. Like it? Share this control universal to your friends and family! tv remote control for all tv, make life simple and better. Belive me, user friendly universal remote control for tv would be your love electronic universal tv controller. all tv remote in own android phone.

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