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About PC Creator PRO - PC Building Simulator

PC Creator PC Building Simulator
"PC Creator Pro" is an upgraded version of a simulator game "PC Creator". In this game you can try you as a PC builder, an owner of the mining farm and a computer shop at the same time. During the game process you need to complete your service's client's commissions. You provide almost all services, which refer to computer: build a PC from the ground up, install software or game, change computer and lots of more. Unlike the free version, Pro has no ads.

User-friendly interface
Our designers make all their best and were working for long hours before they finished this ideal interface part:
○ comfortable element's location
○ exciting animations of elements
○ icon of the control clearly display all its functions
○ an opportunity to choose white or dark play mode

All, mentioned above, was developed for comfortable controlling all game's processes. So download it, and you will make sure that it is the best design you have ever seen.

Create your PC from the ground up
"PC Creator Pro" give you the unique opportunity to build PC, starting from choosing computer's parts and finishing with installing operating system, testing various software and games. So, PC built in 3D mode, installing of operating system, drivers, games and software is in your hands. In addition to this, you will be able to build a PC in AR mode.

Wide choice of accessories
If there are a lot of computer parts in free “PC Creator”, so there is an incalculable number of details in the Pro version. A lot more of computer components are waiting or you. Just imagine how you will overlock them to the top and enjoy this game.

How to improve your service center
During the game you need to complete you service center’s clients’ commissions. For completed tasks you will receive experience and money. In this way, with each new task, you will move step-by-step to purchasing modern equipment, office and upgrading your service center at all.

Learn how to improve your PC
Based on fact that “PC Creator” was developed as realistic as possible, so that is a great opportunity to learn how to shake out the bugs, improve your PC. You will also learn how to choose new, more powerful and compatible computer parts. Moreover, our game will teach you to fix your PC, clear it from viruses and lots of more.

The opportunity to install popular operating systems
Linux, macOS, Windows, namely all popular operating systems are available to be installed in our game. We tried to make all process of installing very realistic. So do not lose your time and practice with us now, in case to not have problems with this in the real life.

Simulation of programs
There is a built-in simulator of PC work, with help of which are available next functions:
○ Installing of operating systems
○ Installing, simulation of software and games

You probably think that it is impossible to do all this in one app on your smartphone. But our game will prove the contrary and change your opinion.

Rating of players
System of rating in our game is based on three criteria:
○ by reputation
○ by the number of completed tasks
○ by winning in the wheel of fortune
Download the game and show all what you got.

Ask for some pieces of advice or share ones with other players you can in the public chat of the game, where always exists communication between other users. “PC Creator Pro” also provide you with an opportunity to participate in contests and win some valuable prizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is "PC Creator Pro"?

"PC Creator Pro" is an upgraded version of a simulator game "PC Creator" that allows you to build PCs, own a mining farm, and run a computer shop.

What are the features of the user-friendly interface?

The user-friendly interface of "PC Creator Pro" includes comfortable element location, exciting animations, clear function icons, and the option to choose between white or dark play mode.

What can you do in "PC Creator Pro"?

In "PC Creator Pro", you can build PCs from scratch, install operating systems, test software and games, overclock computer components, and even build PCs in AR mode.

How can you improve your service center in the game?

By completing client commissions, you can earn experience and money to upgrade your service center with modern equipment and office improvements.

Can you learn how to improve your PC in "PC Creator Pro"?

Yes, "PC Creator Pro" provides a realistic experience to help you learn how to fix bugs, choose powerful and compatible computer parts, and even clear your PC from viruses.

Which operating systems can you install in the game?

"PC Creator Pro" allows you to install popular operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows, providing a realistic installation process.

What can you do with the built-in simulator in "PC Creator Pro"?

The built-in simulator in "PC Creator Pro" allows you to simulate the installation of operating systems, software, and games.

How is the player rating system in the game determined?

The player rating in "PC Creator Pro" is based on reputation, the number of completed tasks, and winning in the wheel of fortune.

Is there a community aspect in "PC Creator Pro"?

Yes, "PC Creator Pro" has a public chat where you can ask for advice or share tips with other players. It also offers opportunities to participate in contests and win prizes.
Its is a fun game but it would be nice if the was some RGB parts
Moose Lock
Dusty Road Racing
Great game. The tutorial is confusing and not clear so that could be fixed. The 3D view is cool and taught me quite a bit about PC building. The AR didnt work on my phone, but that was googles's fault. I als...
Needs work more teaching and showing. And makin the trouble shooting easier
Westley Heredia
very cool Nice cool idk why im writing this but this app is worth EVERY, AND I MEAN EVERY penny