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2player 3.0 Chromecast/UPnP/DLNA/SMB Player Screenshot 0
2player 3.0 Chromecast/UPnP/DLNA/SMB Player Screenshot 1
2player 3.0 Chromecast/UPnP/DLNA/SMB Player Screenshot 2
2player 3.0 Chromecast/UPnP/DLNA/SMB Player Screenshot 3

About 2player 3.0 Chromecast/UPnP/DLNA/SMB Player

2player™ allows you to cast audio and video files between devices on your home network with your Android phone or tablet.

Cast media to Chromecast™ and Android™ TV devices; to connected UPnP™ or DLNA™ media players and smart TVs; or play it right on your Android phone.

Cast media from your Android phone, from UPnP or DLNA media servers; from Windows media libraries, or from Windows shares.

All of your media libraries are at your fingertips, ready to cast to players throughout your home.

A modern, well thought-out user-interface provides easy access, even to large media collections.


Cast to

• Chromecast devices
• UPnP and DLNA players
• UPnP and DLNA smart TVs
• Kodi Media Player
• Windows Media Player
• Or just play on your phone

Play from

• UPnP or DLNA media servers
• Windows Media Server libraries
• Windows network shares
• SMB 2.0 network shares
• Media files on your Android phone

Chromecast subtitle support

• Transcoding of embedded subtitles
• Select external VTT and SRT subtitle files
• Download subtitles from

Download content onto your phone from any network media source over WiFi

Arrange Favorite Location shortcuts to put your media libraries at your fingertips

* 2player is not DLNA-certified software. DLNA and UPNP are the trademarks of their respective owners. 2player is not certified by, endorsed by, or recognized by the Digital Living Network Alliance.

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Best DLNA Media player yet
Emer Sadat
Easy to use and very effective. Worth the money. I have been using 2player for some years and it works great with my dlna server.
David Nisbet
Great UPnP/DLNA , Player.
Ron Pol