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About XCSki2PEAK Ski Training Plan

Job? Family? Studies? You’re not a professional skier, then you don’t have the time to waste on high-volume training plans. Get maximum fitness and performance in the minimum of time with plans that fit to your time budget available.

Skiers or ski fans, new to advanced - our program can help you develop better skiing technique. Improve your skiing fitness with our training plans that are dynamic and adaptive just like a real coach would do following you on daily basis.


Using heart rate, power and cadence to monitor training intensity and performance you will not only know you better but get fitter, ride faster and go further.

- A beginner's guide to training for cross country ski racing
- Ski marathon training program
- Sprint training plan


In order to improve your form you have to train hard so that your body is forced to adapt (it will improve). But you cannot train too hard because this will weaken your body instead. 2PEAK recalculates constantly the precise training load that you require.

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