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About Workout Planner Pro

Create workouts and export them to your Garmin© device. Use heart rate, pace or power as a guide and run the workouts with the selected settings. The Workout Planner Pro App is suitable for all endurance sports like running, cycling or swimming.

Functions of the App:
- Create workouts that can be exported to Garmin devices.
- Define target zones by power, heart rate, pace or speed.
- Select interval and recovery time for each interval.
- Plan endurance, interval or recovery workouts.
- Monitor training load with 24-hour recovery battery
- Test the 2PEAK training plan for 21 days free of charge and without obligation.
- The app price will be refunded if an adaptive 2PEAK training plan is purchased.

In order to get stronger, you should regularly challenge yourself physically so that your body adapts to the stimulus (and improves). However, training too hard can have the opposite effect.
Workout Planner Pro, allows you to create the plan that best suits your needs while monitoring your recovery. Run your created workouts on your favorite Garmin device with the help of a visual guide. &