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About Educational game for children - Smashing Monsters

Smashing Monsters for children, children's games from 3 years, with which we learn geometric shapes of monsters and colors! Download games for kids for free! For girls and boys games in Russian, who want to learn about the world around fun together with funny monsters!

Immerse yourself in this fabulous world of monsters, where you will find a fascinating and exciting pastime.

Crush crazy, angry monsters and beware of good ones, otherwise your game will be over.

Monsters are only getting stronger and stronger, they come at you at a breakneck pace! How long can you crush evil monsters?

This game will appeal to the whole family, and children will be delighted with it! The game well develops concentration, attentiveness, reaction and agility.
Your child will be developed to complete tasks that require attention.

This is a unique educational project covering all topics necessary for the successful development of your child.

● Hit the monsters as fast as you can, but be careful: beware of good monsters!

● Dynamic environment.
● Many kinds of monsters.
● Simple, convenient, intuitive interface and control for kids from 2 to 5 years old
● Multi-language support.
● A unique teaching method for the little ones.
● Many different learning monsters for kids.
● Pre-school education: logic, memory, attention.
● Exciting games for little ones
● Parental control

● Compete with your friends using game leaderboards to find out who will crush the most monsters.
● Set records and unlock new monsters in the game.
В — Collect the entire collection of monsters - Mr. Tentacles, Nibbler, Bloodthirsty and other monstrous monsters are waiting for you!

This children's developmental center contains everything that will help you get an effective pre-school education for children 3 years old:

FIND AND SHOW - We study monsters and crush, beat bad monsters like fruits and vegetables. Kids games from 3 years old in Russian develop mindfulness, games for boys are free

РTHRONES - The monster is hiding among other monsters, find the mischievous and crush them! (educational games for children 5 years old develop attention in Russian. This also develops fine motor skills of hands)

FIGURES - Monsters have different geometric shapes, open all, and then crush all evil monsters! (The educational game introduces geometric shapes, elementary counting and prepares a hand for writing, we learn shapes and colors for children)

SIZES - Sort monsters by size and defeat bad monsters. Games for children of 5 years, as well as for girls games in Russian in size. Preschool education.

LOGIC - find the pattern and correctly crush the monsters in a wonderful, magical forest. For children 4 5 years of age they develop logical thinking for free, they are introduced to the concept of consistency, logic for children, games for boys are free.

РОPARKS - Funny game monsters hid in the forest, find everyone! (We develop memory and attentiveness)

BOYING - Very funny monsters can be obtained for free! (Soobrazhalka for children from 2 years of age develops creativity and teaches how to collect on the model)

THE LEARNING FIGURES AND COLORS - In our game, various monsters are in shape and color (Geometric shapes for children, we learn colors, sorting according to several signs)

COUNT FROM 1 TO 5 - The game introduces your baby with numbers and score. (Games for boys 4 years 5 years, and also preschool education. Acquaintance with numbers, mathematics for children)

THE COLORS - Sort monsters by color to crush all evil monsters. (Educational game for children teaches to sort items by color and trains the attention of the child)

Looking for educational games for children in Russian for 3 years? We are sure that our developmental center for children of 3 years will be a wonderful helper for mom and dad. Every day your child will develop and learn many interesting things with them! Know the world with funny monsters!


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Good game for kids
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This is a great game! Recommend for kids!