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About Russian cinema

Russian Cinema is a mobile app for those who are fond of Russian movies, TV shows and animated cartoons, offering a large selection of content, ranging from new titles to the iconic soviet movies. Choose the film you like and start watching it right now!
The Russian Cinema mobile app offers:

Programs for kids, including the modern Russian animated TV shows: Masha and the Bear,
Smeshariki, Jingliki, Fixiki, Belka and Strelka, popular Soviet cartoons and fairy tales – Winnie
the Pooh and Pals, Junior and Karlson, Maugli, Nu, pogodi!, 38 parrots, Morozko, Kingdom of
Crooked Mirrors, and others;
Modern Russian TV series and movies, featuring popular actors: Danila Kozlovskiy, Sergey Bezrukov,
Konstantin Khabenskiy, Yulia Peresild, Paulina Andreeva, Elizaveta Boyarkaya, Petr Fedorov, and others;
New Russian movies filmed in 2016 and 2017, including romance feature films, teen comedies, action
movies, drama, melodramas, thrillers, horror, detective, SCI FI, adventure films, etc. Viking,
Zhenikh, Spacewalk (Vremya Pervykh), Gulyay, Vasya!, Kitchen: The Last Battle, The
Guardians (Zaschitniki), The Bride (Nevesta) – all the content is available in Full HD.
Classics of Soviet cinema: films of the Soviet Union, adored by the audience: Lyubov i golubi,
Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears (Moskva Slezam Ne Verit), Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future
(Ivan Vasilievich Menyaet Professiyu), Operaciya Y I drugie priklucheniya Shurika, Gentlemen of
Fortune, Brilliantovaya Ruka and others.

Russian Cinema mobile app offers the following advantages:

More than 6,000 titles, available throughout the world;
Feature films, animated cartoons and TV series in high quality and on various platforms;
Attractive prices for new titles and subscription based watching.

Russian Cinema mobile app allows you to:

Watch downloaded content without Internet connection;
Start watching the movie on one device and then continue watching on another;
Rate movies and leave comments.

Watch Russian movies online using Russian Cinema mobile app!
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У меня вопрос а можно ли к фильмам ставить субтитры например на английском языке и если да. то как это можно сделать ?
Julia Romanovska
Пользуемся всей семьей, т.к. часто живём за границей подолгу. В целом удобное, богатое контентом приложение. Есть, конечно, что доработать в плане дизайна и удобства пользования, но в целом мы довольны. Ре...
Alexey Drobot
a good app
vijay kumar