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About ROVER Mobile


ROVER Mobile is a companion application for your Spotted Dog ROVER system. The ROVER mobile app allows your Android Smartphone and Tablet to access your department’s alarms, responders, and mapping data in real-time.

The Spotted Dog ROVER application is a cloud hosted emergency services (Fire / Police / EMS) software system that integrates with 911 and local dispatch centers to digitally push data to responders. With integration into CAD systems, the ROVER provides responder’s who is responding, critical address information through a pre-plan based module, mapping data such as water sources for fire departments (Fire Hydrants, Lakes, and Dry Hydrants), as well as many other critical data points. The system provides critical data to responders so they can make better decisions in the field.

In order to use this APP your agency has to be a subscriber to the Spotted Dog ROVER system. Visit for more information.

1. Download and install the app to your device.
2. Your phone number may be entered automatically, however if you are using a tablet or it does not enter automatically please enter it with no dashes or spaces (eg 1231231234)

good app
Fade76 YT
Good app. If you have issues with not getting notifications, do the following: to fox this: To fix this, do the following 1) open the app, go to settings 2) make sure that you're phone number and PIN are set...
Bruno Mills
Integration, Ease of Set up, and Maps make this the best out there.
J Bart Gordon