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About TruffleLive

Be a part of our global community creating, streaming, discovering, chatting, supporting, and sharing unique content around the clock. Create the content on our platform and find a lot of value for your business and “target groups” and earn money with fun.
Anyone can give, receive, and donate Truffles on a social network where everyone is recognized for their value and compensated for it because each of us in this world has his own virtual life.
We give you the opportunity to create and share your virtual talents, gather around you your followers, fans, people with similar interests, have fun with them and earn money.
Watch entertaining streams catered directly to your interests and the topics you care about.

Ways to Come up with New Content Ideas
● Beauty - Convert your passion for beauty into useful content that will encourage your
readers to try new things and discover their love of beauty.
● Eating & cooking - Share the cookbooks you enjoy at the moment, or try challenging recipes or techniques you've always wanted to try and write about it.
● Gaming - Video game content means a new career because now billions of people are playing different video games.
● DIY - Share your favorite craft books, top craft tips, and tricks.
● Relaxation - Your content can offer valuable information for finding relief, meditation, relaxation, and yoga.
● Health & fitness - Helping people become healthier is easy now. You can write about Health & fitness and monetize your content.
● Travel - You can give your audience the possibility to search about travel in your content, what people are looking for on Google.
● Animals - Create content about dogs and cats. Post different funny pictures and videos and get more likes.
● Comedy - Humor can be therapeutic for everyone, you can give your followers a lot of fun and laugh. Your content can make them happy and relaxed.
● Music - You can build relationships with your fans, increase the number of your followers and promote your music in the best way.
● Crowdfunding- Discover the best crowdfunding resources and fundraising ideas to help you raise more money and do more for your passion.
● Art - Write about your art and professional achievements. Share a positive memory and show how you see the world as an artist.

You can give and receive tips and gifts for live streams, upload content that interests and excites you, video chat with followers, join or create group discussions, and direct interactions.
You can even receive Truffles just by sharing what you found on TruffleLive.

- Watch live streams and videos from the world’s best creative talents and know when something new comes up.
- Be wowed, inspired, or just laugh out loud with everyday content
- Watch recorded streams to catch up on what you missed

- Monetize by getting Truffles- an in-app currency you can redeem for cash
- Manage groups and channels and be rewarded for the communities you run
- Make money from your exclusive images and videos
- Make Truffles by sharing TruffleLive and its content through the Truffle Cash Referral Program

- Chat, talk, and video call with friends and groups around the world
- Use chats as the ultimate tool for self-promotion and communication with followers
- Create polls to see what your friends think
- Send self-destructing messages to protect your privacy
- Go premium and monetize chatting with you to earn Truffles
Find People
- Check out who is around you with a simple click.
- Discover unique professionals and talents and connect with them directly
- Create a stunning profile and customize it with focused interest, so people will know exactly what you’re about.

Support a Cause
- Share your earnings with charities to help the causes you care about
- Find talents who support your causes and help them raise funds
- Donate directly to hundreds of charities on the app

We are here for you! Join us now.

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