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About Truece - The app for today's co-parent

Co-parenting support at your fingertips. Truece provides a full set of tools to help you manage the details of co-parenting; use it to track custody, record expenses, manage your family calendar, keep a parenting journal, and more. Generate court-admissible reports to share with your legal team or to keep for your personal records. Connect with your entire co-parenting community, or use the app as a single user. Truece was created by and for parents of divorced and separated families, and is the only truly free mobile app to help organize and streamline the process of co-parenting.
Connect with others or use independently

- In addition to your co-parent, you can connect with your kids, their grandparents, your spouse, your legal team, your childcare team – anyone who is part of your co-parenting community. Send messages, update schedules, request reimbursements, and more.

- If your co-parent chooses not to use the app, that’s not a problem! Truece does not require participation from both sides in order to be effective. Import conversations and calendars you share with your co-parent in other venues, document when you arrive at custody transfers, record parenting-related expenses, and more, all independent from your co-parent.

No hidden fees

Truece will never require you to pay a subscription fee. With the Standard Truece package, you have unlimited use of all Truece Tools, and you can generate reports on your parenting history as far back as three months.

Extra Bonus Features Available
Upgrade to Truece Enhanced or Premium for increased data retrieval and storage capabilities – all for less than the cost of one hour of legal fees.

Truece Tools Include:

Parenting Time - Keep track of overnights, pick-ups, and drop-offs. Time-and-location-stamped check-in/check-out system makes it easy to document accurate, down-to-the-minute custody history.

Calendar - Update and manage your family schedule. Give your kids, co-parent, or other members of your Truece Community the ability to add or edit events – you choose who has access.

Expenses - Record child-related expenses. Snap pictures of receipts or purchases and upload to the app. Request reimbursements from your co-parent, and keep track of reimbursements you’ve sent to them.

Messenger - Send and receive messages in-app. Import conversations from other messenger tools, so you can keep track of all communication with your co-parent, even if they’re not a fellow Truecer.

Notes – Use just like a parenting journal! Document important interactions with your co-parent, screenshot conversations or emails to keep for easy reference, make note of important events or changes in your child’s life, and more. All notes are time-stamped, to lend accuracy and accountability to your records.

Reporting - Generate court-admissible reports in any category to add to your personal records or to submit to your legal team. Get reports on custody history, expense history, communication history and more, or search by keyword to refine the focus of the report.

*Document storage and sharing coming soon!

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great so far and customer service is excellent.. hopefully the personalized customer service stays that way as the app becomes bigger.. love this app and the support behind it
Derrick Lykins
Solid app to keep your co-parenting life in order
Michael Parsons
Great for co-parenting- calendar functions and splitting expenses. No major issues. Only semi issue is that sometimes notifications that your coparent has sent a message don't always show up. This could be m...
Inas Mahdi
This is what I have been looking for to document all my interactions with my ex who trys to crop out certain information he has sent or try to tell arrange the messages to make me look like a liar and then t...
Melissa Olsen
Great tools. Where was this years ago!!
Rich M
How do I share a calendar event with my ex that was shared to my calendar by a step parent(my side). If that isnt possible, may I suggest?
A Google user