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About tripmate -Penpals- New friends, like trip abroad !

Release campaign, all for free! "tripmate" is an app designed to make it easier to make long-term international friends & exchange information about the things you love with people all over the world. This will bring you an experience like virtual travel.Let's travel the world and find new connections using World Map! Share your location with people from all over the world!

Languages supported(translation)
(English🇺🇸🇬🇧, Japanese🇯🇵 Russian🇷🇺 Spanish🇪🇸 French🇫🇷 Chinese🇨🇳 Korean🇰🇷 Portuguese🇧🇷🇵🇹 German🇩🇪 Italian🇮🇹 Arabic🇦🇪🇪🇬, Turkish🇹🇷 Hindi🇮🇳 Indonesian🇮🇩 Thai🇹🇭 Vietnamese🇻🇳 and over 150 languages)

■Match with "what big fan of" information 💛
■The countries everyone wants to visit to are visualized
■Automatically translate profiles and chats without limits!

tripmate is perfect fit for...

people who want to
-talk with people from all over the world
-make otaku friends
-expand the circle of friends in a new place
-feel like traveling abroad
-learn languages
-know what's happening around the world
-make penpals
-talk about foreign dramas or movies

People who are interested in
-different cultures
-local information in the world
-having girl's talk across the country
-world popular hobbies (Sports, Game, Movies, Music, etc...)

People who are dying to travel abroad now!
College students studying culture, history and language!

🌍 Tripmap (Worldmap)
Select the country you want to go to on the world map, and take off! You can fly to any country you want. Use the search button to search around, find, and talk to other tripmates who share their location.We'll be adding a lot more content to this map than just the user's location

🌍 Sign up
Signing up is easy.Register your "Big Fan" information(Anything you love) and start talking about your common interests across countries

🌍 Search
You can search by language, gender, age, home country, destination(where want to visit), and interests without any restrictions. tripmate allows you to register your interests. Users' profiles can be translated into your native language, so you can find people from all over the world who want to share the same interests and hobbies as yours.

🌍 Chat
You can start by greeting people in the chat room by sending them the owl sticker. To make cross-cultural exchange easier, there's an automatic translation feature! It will translate the other person's message into your native language without any restrictions. A large number of original greeting phrases are included to create smooth conversations! Feel free to use the questions that are perfect for learning about other cultures! Video chat is coming soon.

🌍 Safety
In order to ensure the safety of the platform, tripmate has established guidelines and a system to eliminate slander, threats, sexual harassment, identity theft, and other annoying behavior. If you receive a prohibited action, we would appreciate it if you could block the user and report it to our office via the report function. In addition, although this application is a system for sharing and enjoying location information, please use it with peace of mind as it is equipped with a "rest" function to hide your own location on the map or hide yourself from the search index.

🌍 Matetip: Pay What You Want System
The service is essentially completely free. What we use is the "Pay What You Want" method. If you are satisfied with our service, you can give us a tip (Matetip) whenever you feel like it. We created this service with the aim of "connecting more people around the world and bringing more joy and fun. There are three types of tip amounts.

770 Yen (based on the world population)
1960 Yen (based on the approximate number of countries in the world)
7099 Yen (based on the number of languages in the world)

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Contact us (Japanese team)
tripmate K.K.
[email protected]

For everyone trying to download this app. Honestly,it's great...
Adebayo Olanrewaju Martins
Nice app👍👍👍 like it so much...
c h
It's an interesting app
Priyanka Kadire