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About Skeptic Magazine

Skeptic magazine examines extraordinary claims, promotes science and reason, and serves as an educational tool for those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint.

For over 25 years, Skeptic has been on the forefront of skeptical inquiry and groundbreaking science, publishing insightful articles on a vast number of subjects including: evolution, creationism, cults, revisionism, conspiracy theories, near-death and out-of-body experiences, mass hysterias, urban myths, altered states of consciousness, science vs. pseudoscience, fraud and hoaxes, history vs. pseudohistory, magic and the paranormal, the use and abuse of theory and statistics, medical and psychiatric claims, the scope and limitations of science and technology, gender and race issues in science, artificial intelligence, cultural influences on science and scientific influences on culture, the capacities and limitations of the human body, and many more…

Our editor-in-chief, Dr. Michael Shermer, has been called the most prominent skeptic in America. His numerous books and media appearances, as well as his 214 monthly columns in Scientific American have made Skeptic magazine a respected voice.

The magazine has been called “stimulating and provocative” by Carl Sagan, “clearly superior…gutsy” by Edward O. Wilson, and “the best journal in the field” by Stephen Jay Gould. The magazine includes lively and thought-provoking articles, debates, book reviews, and essays from leading scientists, scholars, investigative journalists, historians, professors, and teachers.

Bound within each issue of Skeptic is Junior Skeptic magazine. While written for younger readers, it provides an outstanding summary of classical paranormal topics, and is one of the favorite parts of the magazine for adults as well. Its editor, Daniel Loxton, recently won Canada’s prestigious Best Science Book Award for Young Readers.

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no repent
Oscar Ames
Scumbags and bears, or a dash of insanity. A pinch of success, or the good of humanity
Rohan Khanna
Excellent reading, well worth it!
Greg Foote
I love the debunking of so many myths
Peter Hofstee-Schenk
Hi apps feature learning new user. Great to nature natural.
Rajeshkumar rajeshkumar
Skeptic is the best magazine out there. A good dose of common sense in an increasingly bizarre world. I love having it on my Nexus 7 where I can read it wherever and whenever I want.
Kenneth Bendiktsen